Fotbollssäsongen har startat igen. Eller nja, inte för oss nordbor, men för resten av Europa. Själv är jag en sucker på Serie A, den italienska ligan. Jag har skrivit det förut och i skrivandets stund, till höger kan man se att jag hållit på med bakprojekt med AC Milan som inspiration. Milan har haft några svåra år men bytte ägare i våras och helt plötsligt så började det regna pengar från himlen och Milan börjar återigen se ut som ett lag som kan prestera så att man inte behöver skämmas. Förra säsongen var inte helt hopplös men känslan inför detta år går inte att jämföra. Naivt nog känns det som att Milan kan vara i toppstriden. Dock tror jag inte att de vinner några större titlar. I alla fall så för några år sedan så bakade jag till nästan varje match och idag ungefär en timme innan avspark bestämde jag mig för att ge projektet en chans igen. Så det blev detta, smördeg i ugn. Kanske det lättaste jag bakat men smakerna var det inget fel på!

  • 200g färskost
  • ~1 dl socker
  • 1 tsk vaniljsocker
  • Smördeg
  • Bär
  • 1 ägg

Sätt på ugnen på 200 grader. Plocka fram smördegen från frysen och låt dem tina. Under tiden, blanda ihop färskost, socker och vaniljsås till en mjukare kräm. När smördegen är tillräckligt mjuk för att handskas med, ta en vass kniv och skär med kniven parallellt ungefär 1 cm från kanten på degen så att du får en inre fyrkant och en ram runt den inre fyrkanten. Jag tar för givet att du precis som jag har smördegsark som är ungefär 10×10 cm breda och i form av kvadrater. Klicka ut en rågad matsked av färskostsmeten i mitten på fyrkanten, sätt ett eller flera bär i hörnorna av smeten. Detta blir knepigt men jag hoppas att det är förståeligt: ta tag i en av de yttre hörnorna på ramen och vik in den i mitten av den inre fyrkanten så att det bildas en L-form. Ta nästa hörna och vik in denna så att ramhörnet läggs över den första ramhörnan du flyttade. Gör detta med de övriga hörnen. Klicka ut en liten klick färskostkräm på toppen där hörnen möts och sätt ett bär på toppen. Placera även bär i varje liten skapad kvadrat. Pensla med lätt uppvispat ägg. Sätt in i ugnen 15-20 minuter. Lycka till med vikningen! Haha!

AC Milan bakeproject 2018/2019

New season. Same rules as last couple of billion years. If Milan play at home the colors of inspiration is black and red. If they play away its their adversary that deciedes colour, for instance Napoli at Neapel means a heavensblue inspired goodie.

Milan – Roma 2-1. I think my neighbours 5 houses away heard me yell when Cutrone scored in the 95’th minute with Milan’s winning goal. To this magnificent occasion I baked an orangechocolatefudge-flavored pie with seasalt and lingonberries.  Orangechocoalatefudge, is that even a word?

Napoli – Milan 3-2. So Napoli is the team that start this madness this season. Dont wanna say anything about the game. Gingerbread muffins with lingonberries and blue matcha frosting.

AC Milan bakeproject 2017/2018

I guess I should do some explanation about this (MAD CRAZY) project. Aim is to get the cake in the colour of the team that is playing at home but will probably not always be the case. So if Milan is playing at San Siro (home) it should be a black and red inspired dessert. If Milan is playing away against lets say Napoli it should be heavensblue. If you find this intriguing check out first round i did this and second round.

Crotone – Milan 0-3. Ok.. so first game of the season. Nervous and all that. After 23 mins Milan had scored 3 times and for the first time in years it felt like Milan would actully win this without falling apart or beeing freaked out until the end. The ”fresh” fruit to this pastry was pulled out from the freezer about 45 mins before kickoff and also I didnt had any raspberries for the red so only blue got to represent. SHAME ON ME. Puffpastry magic with blackberries.

Milan – Cagliari 2-1. Black & red vs blue & red. A brownie with raspberries and maltesers for Milan, Cagliari got represented with the plate and background haha. The maltesers look like small bubbles and yes you need a magnifyingglass but they are there and making it crunchy and yummy! About the game? Cutrone scored again! And in a weak moment I almost promised to bake him a special cake. Not sure what it will be if it actully will be anything…Lazio – Milan 4-1. Wow.. That was bad. Nothing positive to say about this game at all so lets talk about these amazing mint marshmallows instead. Soft, tasty and chewie.

Milan – Udinese 2-1. In this trifle I tried to incorporate both Milan’s colours of red/black and also Udinese’s black/white. The day before the game was all about the player Conti toring his ACL (knee-injury) and the medicalteam’s prediction of about 6 months before recovery. So sad!

Milan – SPAL 2-0. Tornadocookies in blue and ”white” for SPAL and magic sprinkles in red and black.

Sampdoria – Milan 2-0. Nutella springrolls.

Milan – Roma 0-2 .. Meh! The cake didnt come out as i planned. Its supposed to be equal chocolate and raspberry but it was more 75% 25% haha. Also insane colours. Well there is always next year.

Inter – Milan 3-2 Derby della Madonnina. Its such a special game so it requires something extra. I did the same type of cake like 3 years ago but then with different colours. Not gonna give Inter any chanses with my cakes anymore! Since it’s so amazing and I love it so much there will be 2 pics of it. Deal with it!

Milan – Genoa 0-0. So much talk about the coach. Needed something sweet and meringues never fail.

Chievo – Milan. Autumn is here. Cant you tell Ive got news for you? Sun is shining and so are you! Chievo, the first of two ”swede-teams” in Serie A. Swede-teams? Yes yellow and blue.

Milan – Juve 0-2 (Sssssssnakessssssss).. So carrotcake with raspberryfrosting. Not my best cake but still who can resist frosting?

Sassuolo – Milan. Mint chocolate and pear cheesecake. Made with cottage cheese. Finally a good use for that. Haha.

Napoli – Milan 2-1… Vegan matchablue* ice cream with raspberries… I wanna be open to new things but vegan sweets has so far in my life been proven to be disgusting. I have bigger hopes for the game then for the life of my ice cream.  *matchablue is a type of japanese tea that is blue.

Milan – Torino 0-0. Cherrypie with chocolatecrust. I was a little busy on the phone forgetting the pie in the oven to long but it was greeeeeat. Game? not so much.

Benevento – Milan 2-2. The biggest meh of the season. Beneventos record before this game was 14 losses. Milan had a new coach … But the cake was amazing! Saffroncake with white chocolate and lingonberries.

Milan – Bologna. Cant help but think BOLONY everytime I hear Bologna. Or that Shakira song (Hips dont lie) and she or is it that sings ”move to Bologna” anyway.. here are some spritscookies.

Hell(as) Verona – AC Milan 3-0. Pie was great. But the meltdown for milan was another not so fun story. Lemon curd on the other hand now that is a lovestory that hopefully will never end.

Milan – Atalanta 0-2. I always dread these blue teams but for once i had a great idea. Hombrecake in four shades of blue. Milan thou seems to be in 50 shades of black. Rise guys! I know you can do it!

Fiorentina – Milan 1-1. Previous seasons Milan have faced La viola ive had my favoritepie prepared. But this time I wanted to do something different so heres some blackberry icecream.

Milan – Crotone 1-0.  Blueberry bagels with red currants. Epically great breakfast!

Cagliari – Milan 1-2. Made ice cream with my daugther but to have it on the internet it needs to be photographed and uploaded riiight? *too tired atm*

Milan – Lazio 2-1 …. nothing 🙁

Udinese – Milan 1-1. Homebaked white bread (white bread is best someone who argues against that is stupid) and homemade blueberryjam. Milan had som bad luck but luckily there is more games to come where they can prove they are moving forward!

Spal – Milan 0-4. Nothing baked because I painted my livingroom.

Milan – Sampdoria 1-0. (blueberry cake pic need to be uploaded)

Roma – Milan 0-2. Might be the ugliest cakes Ive ever done. This is according to IKEA proper wolves. Also since I didnt like them I couldn’t even bother to shoot them the way they probably could’ve deserved if I’d care. Both of them died drying on the table… Dreadful.

Genoa – Milan 0-1. Chocolatebark. White chocolate with blueberries and raspberries.

Milan – Chievo 3-2. Couldn’t afford blueberries so I went with yellow to represent Chievo Verona. Apple-extravaganza-pie, two kinds of apples and applecider mixed together with lots of love. A true lovepie, just as relatable as Romeo and Juliet.

Juventus – Milan 3-1. Kärleksmums. A swedish cake that also have the name coffecake. Browniecake with espresso-tasting frosting. Best ever and easy to make!

Milan – Inter 0-0. I had finished the Milancake and was about to make the intercake and took a twitterbreak and got the news of Davide Astori’s death. The world just stopped. Such sad news.

Milan – Sassuolo 1-1. I think I’ve baked this pie every season since I started with this project. Just like that blueberrypie for Fiorentina. Some baked goods are just too good to be left behind. Pears with hazelnuts and vanillamascarpone.

Milan – Napoli 0-0. I had the blueberries but couldn’t afford raspberries so Napoli got all the representation for this. Donnarumma is playing his 100th serie A game. How amazing isnt that?

Torino – Milan 1-1. Yeah well nothing.

Milan – Benevento 0-1. …. I had plans but nah!

Bologna – Milan 1-2 … Fail again!

Milan – Verona 4-1. After a lot of games where the word FAIL has been used kinda frequently Milan finally got it together and won! Amazing feeling!

Atalanta – Milan 1-1. So goddam close! I really thought Milan would win.. and then in like the final second they scored. BAH! …. At least I had a great cake. Its called Battenberg. Aparantly its supposed to be marzipan but blaaaah so drenched in chocolateganache.

Milan – Fiorentina 5-1. Last game of the season and I was for a long period thinking of baking something 13-inspired because of Davide Astori but couldnt find anything that felt cool enough.


AC Milan bakeproject 2015/2016

Clearly not all games but I had some financial bullshit probs and cookies are not a very big priority when its food vs entertainment. Most of them are from the first half of season 2015/2016. 

1519PSampdoria – Milan. I havn’t been able to afford any keeewl cakes for some time and for this I blew all the budget. Its time for Mr Ferrero, the owner of Sampdoria. The inspiration coming from him and my grandma. I gave her a slice of this type of cake on her deathbed (freaky.. I knoow!) and she was very grateful since it was her favorite. Just to be clear, she didnt die because of my cake! Gonna be exciting seeing what Brocchi can bring to the table.

1006PRoma – Milan 1-1. Team orange! Always inspiring with the ugliest colour. Or not. But I must admit I really liked the ”Two Towers” I baked last year and I wanted to achieve something cool since this was the last game of the bakingproject. Sucks big time, economics hits hard on cakebakers. Buuuut since the season continues I might come back and finish! Hope you have enjoy’d it as much as I have.

0993PPMilan – Bologna 0-1. Sad with a loss but no one is angry with pancakes? right? How about poffertjefs? The dutch miniversions. The hardest part is actully not to eat them while making them. Lets move forward to next week! Forza!!

9995PP 0043PMilan – Hellas Verona 1-1 and Frosinone – Milan 2-4. Both of the teams got the same colours, yeallow and blue, so they got the same type of cake but with different braiding. Saffron with blueberry.

jordgubbspajerCarpi – Milan 0-0. Red and white. The struggle was between raspberries and strawberries. Strawberries won. Very tasty minipies calls for great victory (please?!)

ferrero01Milan – Sampdoria 4-1. Still the most crazy (in a good way) owner in Serie A and the inspiration for this week. Mr Ferrero. Ferrero Rocher is still and probably forever will be a favorite candy of mine. I hope the game will be as sweet. So cookies are made of chocolate, nutella and hazelnuts.

9279PJuventus – Milan 1-0. I guess it should be some more epic cake but all I could think of were these. Coconut macroons dipped in chocolate with fudge(?).

9031PMilan – Atalanta 0-0 … Black and blue. A lot of the pre-game talk was about Bonaventura that played for Atalanta before joining Milan. I must admit that before him I couldn’t mention a single player or leader from Atalanta but one, a swede, what else? Glen Strömberg. For you youngsters out there he played like a million years for Atalanta (1984-1992) and was part of IFK Göteborg (swedish team) when they won the UEFA cup 1982. The last part Im forever and ever and ever and ever greatful.

8950PLazio – Milan 1-3. I dont really have anything against Lazio, unless they win of course (which they didnt). I just dont have any other cookieshapes then the piggies. No one can be more happy then me that this was the last lightblue team of the season.

7748PMilan – Chievo 1-0. GO SWEDEN!!! Ehum.. wait a minute!

Elshaarawy23Yeah I know, wrong team and all that but I miss him – Stephan El Shaarawy. 🙁 So anyways its october 27th and its his 23:rd birthday and there is never an excuse not to have cake so he had to get one. Happy birthday Stephan! 🙂

7584_GPMilan – Sassuolo 2-1 …. *sob* …. *sob* ……. This was supposed to be a pearpie. Poached pears in a creamy mascarpone-merengue cream but you know.. it didnt happen. What did happen was that Milan manage to win!

rasporangmeringeTorino – Milan 1-1. Feels like it was forever since last game because of the national qualification games. Sweden are heading for playoffs. Gotta admit Im nervous. I really wish for Zlatan to have at least one more of the big tournaments before he quits. Can’t say Torino as team bring as much inspiration as he does so I re-used the same idea from last year’s cake, although I added some raspberries to bring some sweetness.

7269_GPMilan – Napoli – 0-4 .. October 4th (the date this game was played) is celebrated in Sweden as ”Kanelbullens dag” or Cinnamonroll day. Thank heaven for that. I didnt have to make anything lightblue. The rolls however are filled with blueberries and raspberries, brushed with raspberry syrup to somehow get the Milan feeling.

Genoa – Milan 1-0. Bad. Not sure what to add gamewise. Cookie-wise it was waaaay better. Red velvet brownies with oreocookies with a white chocolate and blueberry topping. The idea of blueberries and red velvet was of course the colours of Genoa but it came out looking more red and black. Even the cookies know the true colours.

6662_GPUdinese – Milan (2-3). First black and white of the season. I know early what to bake, budapestrulle. Mario Balotelli scored a goal. A collegue of mine said he would be top scorer and if he continue playing like he did at this game maybe it will come true. Good luck Mario! The cake ended up good but I cant stop thinking how great it would’ve been if I had remembered to put sugar in it. xD

Milan – Palermo (3-2). Pink! How can I not love this team? Ended up with macaroons with raspberries and the best and probably most dangerous ingredient to have at home – nutella. Except for the sweet sweet taste of winning it was great to see Hiljemark one of the Swedish U21 winners score twice. But I must admit, if Milan would’ve lost because of it, I wouldn’t be too happy. Haha.

5420_G3PInter – Milan (1-0). Why stray from a great concept? This time I did the nobake pie with dark chocolate. Milan played well but didnt manage to score. Some of my eaters said at least the cake was the best they had ever eaten. Sweeeeet.

5326_GMilan – Empoli (2-1). Something blue and something white for Empoli, red for Milan of course. Ended up with a great tasting nobake white chocolate ganache cake with blueberries and raspberries. If it felt good to see Milan win, it was even better having a delicious cake.

New season. New players. New choach. New cakes.. First game Fiorentina – Milan (2-0). I had been waiting for this baby for a looooooong time. Bex Best Blueberrypie™ haha. Didnt go too well for Milan but its a long season and Im hoping it will be a good one

AC Milan bakeproject 2014/2015

Beware of crappy english. It all started like almost everything does – with an idea. Ive had it in my mind for some time to make a cake with either numbers or letters. Just couldnt figure out what to ”write” inside the cake. Until AC Milan (my favorite footballteam) beat Hellas Verona (1-3) and people on social media complained about Stephan El Shaarawy and his lack of goals and also that he would hopefully celebrate his upcoming birthday with scoring some goals. Somewhere down the road I decieded to bake a 92-cake. There were a lot of failures making the cake – most of them beeing that the colourscheme was wrong. I settled (angry) for the pinkish and brown. I wasn’t happy with the final cake but something that had been dead for a long time inside of me woke up and suddenly I was planning what to bake for the next game inspired by AC Milan and their opponents and the Milan-bakeproject™ had been created. Stephan El Shaarawy didnt score any of the upcoming games (Milan-Fiorentina 1-1, Cagliari-Milan 1-1) but the baking made me happy – so thank you SES!

Didnt have time to bake something for Milan-Palermo (0-2) even if I really wanted too. How can anyone deny the pink Palermo? The focus was on Sampdoria – Milan. This time I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do but I had to find the right type of cookie and icing. Spent a whole day of icing the &@€$€{”#¤%&¤£${#&/¤! cookies, swearing, sweating.. but ~60 mins before kickoff I was done. Settling in front of the tv watching the teams enter the pitch I realized I had made a hugh mistake. It was not a game at San Siro. I had been icing sampdoriaplayers in awayshirts (gaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!). At least I was quite satisfied about some of the milanplayers like El Shaarawy and the smiling De Jong. I guess it had to be El Sha because of the hair. Even my mom (that probably never had watched a whole footballgame in her entire life (except that one back in 1999 at Wembley with me – Arsenal facing the Swedish team AIK (((AND FUCK YEAH!! ARSENAL WON))) … *cuts memory lane* .. Even my mom manage to point SES out on tv, not knowing anything about him or Milan just based on my cookies. I guess once you see his pointy hair you’ll never forget. Anyhow after the inital awayshirtfail El Shaarawy manage to score. His first in 622 days. The game ended 2-2 and I just couldnt manage to eat the cookies so they are now saved in a box.

After the game it was a two week nationalteam gathering. Booooring. I spent some time in Amsterdam and got home right in time for Derby Della Madonnina (AC Milan – Inter Milan). It was frustrating baking, shooting and also eating the cakes. Also it was a drew (1-1) Blah!

Milan – Udinese (2-0) created a whole new dimension of problems. One part of the problem was that I couldnt figure out a single ingredient that were white and I really wanted to bake something black and white. I had been thinking for like 3 days about it when a person at my work that mentioned coconut. GOD BLESS YOU! A cheesecake with blueberries and coconuts were made and eaten about that white colour…

December was a strange month for Milan. They had been playing kinda so-so for some time and now it was time to face those teams doing waaaaay better. Social media was drowning in doom-messages and of course about the upcoming mercato (playertransfer-thingy). Except the twitts about how this was gonna be the worst month eeeeever a lot of the messages were the mocking the player Bonera and his performance. There was no end to the mocking when some local bakers delivered some yulelogs with pinepple and Bonera was the player to recieve them. I choose to go with the mocking pineapple-trend (yeah Im bad what can I say) and make macroons with pineapplefilling. Game between Genoa and Milan ended in a loss for Milan (1-0).

Next team was the team I had feared and dreaded for about 1 ½ month – Napoli. Not because they were playing well but because of the way they appear. Lightblue. Shirts, shorts, emblem, eeeeeeeverything is (satan’s colour of hate) lightblue. Which is utter shit since nothing edible in the real world colours lightblue. I made coloured meringues but I wasnt happy at all and threw them out.


One of all those accounts i follow on twitter – rossoneri-tv was really happy about their 2k followers so I decieded to bake a pie in their honor. It was fun trying to cut out the pattern for the tv. Maybe I’ll redo it someday.

Like I wrote earlier I wasn’t happy with my meringues for the napoligame and threw them out. Only hours before the actual game I baked some checker-cakes. Milan seemed happy and manged to win 2-0 and who can not be happy when there are cookies?

Days before christmas it was time for Milan to face Roma. I wanted to bake something brutal. .. Yeah right … cakes beeing brutal.. Lol. Christmas very much beeing associated with movie premieres I was dreaming back of the time when Lord of the Rings was airing (like a million years ago -2001-2003). And somehow that translated into the second movie ”the two towers” and two towers turned into two teams facing eachother.. For those who actully read the books or seen the movie are free to be like ”but arent the two towers evil and refering to the one where Sauroman lives and Sauron’s tower in Mordor, the one with the EYE ( o )?” Yes that is very true … Now lets move on … Brutal carrotcakes with orangecream is the result. Take that Saruon! The game? 0-0.

Last game of the year had been planned for like a million years and was a giant PR-event im sure the players enjoyed it very much beeing away from their families during the holidays. Not. For us fans it was drooling-time thinking of old Milan and also watching Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Nacho(! yummie!) play. Not sure where Milan pulled their strenght from but they won 4-2. The cake in the ”right” colours red and black (lets face it i cant dye everything) was inspired entirely by Ronaldo: too much going on that cant be explained, delicatess and waaaaaaaaay over the top.  

Milan – Sassuolo 1-2 (Seria A) M-Sassuolo 2-1 (cuppa Italia). Some colours are more inspirational then others and I must admit it was love at first sight seeing the green and black stripes of Sassuolo. Which also made me realize I have a softspot for stripes when it comes to footballshirts. Milan and Sassuolo arent the only stripes i like.. Pie below is lime and not slime..

The teams met twice. The first one was in the league where Milan lost (1-2) and the other one in the cup Milan managed to win (2-1. miracle I tell you). For the league apperance I made cupcakes with creamcheese frosting  and for the cup I made a lemon/lime meringuepie.

After the Sassuolo games Milan was facing Torino (1-1). I had a hard time figure out what to do.. Stole my own idea with the lemonmeringuepie but this time dyed it red and made a chocolate crust to get the red and black theme. Easy way out. Milan didnt had it easy and struggled. The game ended 1-1. Most happy note about it was seeing the swede Alexander Farnerud! There are some swedes in Serie A. Gotta keep track.

One of the biggest ””””problems”””” with Serie A is the colour blue. Its not hard dyeing batter. I just like it when you just by looking at something figure out what you are actully eating. Most people think of strawberries and raspberries when asked about red. But blue? Not even blueberries are blue. The cookies used for Atalanta were vanilla and chocolate. Red and blue vanilla imagine that.. I think my dough could read the future since it didnt wanna work with me. So no suprise when Milan lost 0-1.

Milan – Atalanta 0-1 was a sad story in so many ways. Atalanta playing in dark blue – impossible colour, my cookiepress broke, I was working = missing the game, the backup-cake got totally murdered by the overheated Bombe .. so there was no suprise when Milan lost. But I had a lot of cookies for comfort. Helicopter? Berlusconis helicopter with the crazy nickname Berlucopter (haha what else)!

After the miserable game against Atalanta Milan was to meet Lazio x2 first in the league and also the cup. Since Lazio are a shitty team who play in lightblue I had already decieded to ignore them and bake something in the true red and black. It was the best bakingweek I’ve ever had. I had it all planned and it took about 4 days to complete. I had to test two types of muffins/cupcakes, I got a severe burn on my hand and I had to use 1,7 kilograms of sugar to make the decoration but it was sooooo worth it. Although the muffins were f-ing fantastic they couldn’t save Milan who lost 1-3. Im sad the photos arent showing enough of the epicness going on with the candy and muffins!

As if loosing 1-3 wasnt bad enough and Milan would face Lazio again I got really sick. Like, lying in the bed planning for the funeral-sick and then the news about Stephan El Shaarawys injured foot… My bakeproject-inspiration-grinta-person was down! First thought was to make something based on death feet but every idea I had was just too depressing. Also he seems to be one of those people that never gives up so I wanted to make something I would’ve want if I was sad and down and injured. It also helped alot with inspiration when someone wrote ”Do it for Stephan” on twitter. When I finally figured it out it took me about 2 mins to draw the plans. But as always result wasnt very pretty haha. One day which probably is far far far away im gonna make a cake actully looking the way I planned it. One day…


Milan – Parma 3-1 – I had lots of problems before finally finding something that got the colourscheme I wanted. As written in the bloggpost it was all about inital thought of HAAAAAAAM. Until I found broken. Broken cookies for Parma fighting for their economic survival. 🙁


Juventus – Milan 3-1  – A wellprepped cake turned hideous and ugly while beeing a cheesecake. Broke my heart since the pattern and how to create it had been in my mind for over 3 months. Not a straight line in sight but the taste was beyond deliscious! Not sure who’s head it is ? lol!

Milan – Empoli 1-1 – Valentines day so it had to be a heart, right? Chocolatemousse with raspberrygel on a browniecake. The game wasnt filled with love but at least it wasnt a lose.

Milan – Cesena 2-0 – Chef from South Park sang it first – Suck on my chocolate salty balls… Although no salt in these. A typical swedish cookie for children: chokladbollar. I didnt manage to get the coconut in red but my fellow eaters forgave me. 

Just like last month I baked some extrastuff inbetween games, also in black & red. Like these linzer-wannabe-cookies. I dont think I’ve ever eaten so much cookiedough as I did with these ones – roasted hazelnuts, chunks of chocolate and divine divine divine batter.

IMG_0407 IMG_0400

Milan – Chievo 0-0 – Not sure whats worse. My cakes or the game. Tasted very good thou but was not served anywhere.


If the player Nacho in Real Madrid makes you hungry, there is no Swedish person that doesnt re-read the name Kaká a couple of times with a smile. Even when I was young and innocent and all that, he was my favorite, not because of his way of playing but his name. Kaka in swedish translates to cookie, yes cookie! How can you not love a man named cookie? Kaká the cookieman! <3


Milan – Hellas Verona /hell-ass/ 2-2. In the beginning of the week I baked this aaaaaaaaaaamazing chocolate raspberry spongecake that was to die for. My eaters (collegues) were having that eyes-up-their-head-look doing sounds like mmmmmmm! and mmmmhhhmmmooo! So that had to be some sort of omen of good things to come. Saturday afternoon I wanted something to actully eat myself for the game and made these raspberry/choco meringues. To add the swedish Verona-look (yellow and blue) I also made some lemon curd and added some blackberries ontop. It had potential but every single photo was like looking at Palettas hair, you wanna look away but you cant 😉 I should’ve learned by now that if something I make turns out really ugly, the game will be the same. After the game was over it took me about 5 extra minutes to close my mouth. Did that just happend…?

Fiorentina – Milan 2-1. Blueberry pie. It was as close to purple I could get and the two tries I had with the pie almost made me leave Milan and go Fiorentina-fan. The pie was something to die for and I could eat it every week for the next season, not that I would wanna leave Milan its just this pie was so excellent, cant be that bad to have a lover-team on the side? no?


The game itself was nice to watch, but the yellow awayshirts or is it neongreen(?) shirts and Fiorentinas purple shirts made me think of a swedish coffebrand named Löfbergs Lila.

IMG_9987_GP IMG_9964 IMG_0017_G

Some things makes this world a better and brigther place. A ”semla” for example, a swedish pastry traditionally eaten the day before the start of lent. The normal version contains cardamom and almondpaste but since this was made for a aniversary. I made mine rossoneristyle.

Milan – Cagliari 3-1. All clouded with the tension/drama outside the arena. Curva Sud, fans of Milan, wanted milanfans to stay out of the arena and not buy any more merchandise. This to show the management that the fans were dissapointed and demanding some changes. The players need support not more tension. Milan won the game and there was a two week long wait for next game because of international games. Italy faced Bulgaria (2-2) and England (1-1) in a friendly. Since Sweden were facing Iran in a friendly and that made 3 countries with the flagcolorcombo green, red and white I decieded to make one milan-inspired red and black applepie and one greenredwhite applepie.

Palermo – Milan 1-2 (Cerci, Menez). Dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum… Peaches comes from a can. They were put there by a man.. Can peaches ever be eaten without the Potusoa song Peaches? No. The game was played during easter which is normally fluffy bunnies, family, chickens and eggs but this easter it also contained the best team of them all: Palermo with all the fab pink shirts and that inspiring emblem! Amen to Jesus (Suso?) and all that, finally an easy colour to bake and Milan won, how great wasnt that!

Milan- Sampdoria 1-1 (De Jong). The one and only inspiration that evolved around the game was Ferrero. The crazy (in a good way) owner of Sampdoria named Ferrero and the candy (Ferrero Rocher). I was dissapointed Sampdoria didn’t play in their white away-kits since I wanted to re-use my mancakes from the clash back in november. Re-use kinda means repost since I was incautious and dropped the cookie jar some time ago and all the players got pretty badly injured/died except for El Shaarawy, not sure how he manage to survive the fall but he did and is now rehabilitating in my kitchenwindow.


The heartbroken cookie-crush-death ended with the famous dialogue from The Sixth sense: ”I see injured Milanplayers! -When do you see them? ”-All the time”

Inter 04 IMG_1675_GInter – Milan 0-0. Felt like Inter lost 2 points and Milan won one. Such a sad game. I had fought for weeks to get my cake ready. So many obstacles, so many frustrating hours and it was by far the worst and toughest cake I’ve ever baked.

Udinese – Milan 2-1 (Pazzini) 🙁 Cookies when needed! I was drained after an awful week at work and the initial thought of making mousse was replaced with white and black cookies. But no cookies in the world could’ve saved Milan from losing. One thing that will be remembered from the game was the construction going on at the stadim. No audience was visable. It was eerie and also sad that what would be remembered was nothing from the game.

IMG_2460_G IMG_2480_G

Milan – Genoa 1-3 (Mexes). End of april, end of the Berlusconi-era? Also it was the end of one of my favorite springforms. My mom lost it somewhere in Stockholm. Im hoping that the new owner (if there will Bee one hehe) will be as good as my new springform. Cake was great. Game was not.

Blueberry cake Blueberry cake slice

Napoli – Milan 3-0. Ive said it Before, lightblue is not my favorite colour when it comes to baking also Im not a fan of Napoli. Can’t say I feel any better after their victory. Although I had a friend that was showing cupcakes of the cookiemonster so the inspiration was basically me, but blue. Haha – blueberrycake.

Milan – Roma 2-1 (Destro, Van Ginkel). I had high hopes for my cake this week. You just cant go wrong with oranges in cakes. Oranges has also by me been elected the fruit of Roma, used oranges last time they faced eachother. I was thinking that Milan would be having an awful game so I really needed something good to eat. Sugar is sometimes your best friend but apparantly Milan was my best friend this week. Also it was nice seeing the new shirts even thou grey aint really a favorite colour. – Ambrosiacake.


Sassuolo – Milan 3-2. My mother asked which of the games had been the most expensive one to bake when we were eating this pear-pie. I really didnt wanna answer that. Mothers give you that look of ”are you out of your mind” if doing something silly and how silly hasnt this project been? and the amounts spent? :S For this game the pie had these amounts: pears: 2€, hazelnuts: 2,5€, mascarpone 2,8€ and thats just above eggs, flour, cacao and butter… So far the single most expensive ingredient used must’ve been the Milan-Real Madrid chocolate – Guy Lian seashells €30, not to mention that special cherryjam… Im still not sure if thats the most pricey, it could be the Inter-Milan dome cake, the jam, colouring, chocolate and raspberries was probably way over 45€. Oh God I dont wanna think about it at all. Anyway Sassuolo needed something green and black so instead of using apples to get the green I used pears. The pearpie was epic, game not so much.


Milan – Torino 3-1. For the longest time I was thinking of making something with oranges but couldn’t find the right type of cake. Also it had to be special since oranges had been used not long ago and it was my birthday. Somehow I stumbled across a cake often eaten at bakeries here in Sweden – Budapestrulle (I think the English translation would be roulade). Whipped cream with fresh fruits rolled into a thin layer of nutty meringue. My twist was of course using Milans colorscheme with black (chocolate) and red (raspberries). How can I not mention what a great weekend this was? Sweden winning the eurovision songcontest (YAY Måns!!) and also having it topped with Milan winning, El Shaarawy back and scoring not only once but twice?



Last game of the season. Its been a long season. I guess it would’ve felt short if it were filled with more winnings, more beautiful football, less injuries and more smiley faces. The chocolatecookies topped with rhubarb-curd, a little sour and sweet makes a perfect ending on this season. How to sum it all up? Sometimes this project has been nothing but hell, other times it has been sweet, deliscious and happiness. I really hope next season will be a better one, filled with good football, nice results and winnings! Forever Forza Milan! <3

Saffranslängd lussekatt saffranskrans

0043P 9995PPJulen närmar sig med stormsteg. Själv ska jag fira redan den 19:e december och trots att det endast är en vecka kvar har jag fortfarande inte hittat någon som kan agera jultomte. Förhoppningsvis kommer det att lösa sig under veckan men jag kan inte säga att jag är helt utan stresskänslor inför detta. Panik är nog närmare sanningen. Haha. Jag vet att de inte är allt med en tomte men det är jul och då SKA DET TAMEJFAN VARA EN TOMTE. Jag har tur som är ledig några dagar innan själva firandet så jag hinner med att baka och pyssla. Det vill säga jag har några dagar då jag kommer ligga i soffan och skjuta på det oundvikliga tills paniken börjar infinna sig ordentligt och jag då får ändan ur vagnen och gör det jag ska. Jag måste dock erkänna att jag efter visst motstånd tog mig tid och slog in alla julklappar. Jag har även funnit lite tid att baka saffranslängder, eller lusselängder och kransar. Det var hyfsat lätt att snurra ihop men som vanligt är det kluriga att få till degen. Mina testeaters, dvs kollegor, tyckte att det var gott men jag tyckte det var lite för degigt. Som vanligt är jag ju aldrig nöjd så jag kanske borde lyssna på dem mer. Hur man snurrar ihop kransen på översta bilden kan man läsa HÄR. Vill man knåpa ihop en häftig julstjärna som kommer att få dina släktingar att imponeras av ditt julbak klickar du HÄR. eller varför inte en julgran. Saffransdeg är lätt att leka med så fastna inte i att de måste vara två tuttar ihopsnurrade utan det går att göra vilka former som helst! Jag har under hösten testat tre recept, detta var min favorit:


  • 50 g jäst
  • 1g jävligt fin saffran + 2 tsk rom + 1 tsk socker
  • 3 dl fingervarm – 39 grader mjölk
  • 1½ dl socker
  • Mortlad kardemumma (1 krm – 1 tsk beroende på hur mkt man vill ha)
  • Salt
  • 3 lätt uppvispade ägg
  • 225 g rumstemp smör uppskuret i små tärningar (kan inte poängtera nog hur viktigt det är att smöret är rumstemp)
  • 780-1000 g mjöl

Finns flera sätt att hantera saffran på, många mortlar sin saffran med en sockerbit, jag blandar min saffran med rom och socker och låter stå minst 30 minuter innan bakdags. Finns nog inget sätt som är bäst men rom är marginellt dyrare än socker och är man under 20 kanske det är klurigt att få tag på.

Bryt isär jästen i småbitar, häll ned i en bunke (använd gärna visp/bakmaskin med degkrok). Häll på den fingervarma (upp till 39 grader) mjölken, rör om till jästen löst sig. Häll på saffran, socker, kardemumma, salt, de uppvispade äggen, smöret, låt allt blandas väl och häll sedan på mjölet i fyra omgångar. Anledningen till att man häller upp mjölet i flera omgångar är för att degen inte ska bli för mättad och då blir torr och helt enkelt BLÄ. Degen ska vara lite kladdig. Om det känns alltför mycket som smet, häll på mer mjöl. Knåda eller låt bakmaskinen jobba i ca 10 minuter. Jäs under filt i 45 minuter.

Vill man som jag ha fyllning i degen kan man förbereda den nu, vill man ha vanliga tråkiga lussekatter med russin, häll ned russinen i en skål med vatten. Ja, du läste rätt. Russinen blir godare och mjukare på detta sätt.

Fyllning (valfritt):

  • 150 g rumstemp smör
  • 1½ dl florsocker
  • 1 msk vanilj
  • 2-3 msk blåbärspulver

Vispa ihop med elvisp. Låt stå framme tills det är dags att baka ut degen så att krämen inte stelnar.

När degen jäst klart – häll ut degen på ett bakbord, knåda den så att all luft pyser ut och låt fantasin flöda i skapandet av antingen lussekatter eller längder eller vad för tokig form du hittat i nån kokbok eller på pinterest. För mina kransar och längd, delade jag degen i sex delar. Alla sex kavlades ut till stora rektanglar, jag bredde på ett ganska tunt lager av fyllningen och rullade ihop som en rulltårta. Delade ”rulltårtan” på mitten längs med degen, och sedan snurrade ihop dem, hela tiden med fyllningen uppåt. Låt jäsa i ca 25 minuter.

Sätt på ugnen på 250 grader. Det går bra att pensla bullarna med ett lätt uppvispat ägg. Jag väljer penslar mina bullar/längder med hallonsirap EFTER att bullarna kommit ut ur ugnen. Recept hallonsirap, koka ihop 2 dl socker, 2 dl vatten, 1 dl frysta hallon, 1 tsk vanilj. Låt puttra i ca 10-15 minuter, sila, förvara i kylskåpet i glasflaska, håller hur länge som helst.

Vanliga bullar gräddas i 7-9 minuter, längder gräddas 15-19 beroende på hur tjocka de är. Du vill hellre ha en degig längd än en torr, är du osäker gå på den kortare tiden.

Jordgubbspaj med vit choklad

jordgubbspajer jordgubbspajVeckans inspiration kommer från ett fotbollslag i Italien som heter Carpi. Inte Capri. Carpi. Tog mig typ två månader innan jag såg att laget faktiskt hette Carpi. Pinsamt, jag vet. Haha. Laget spelar i alla fall i rödvita tröjor, mitt val stod mellan hallon och jordgubbar. Jordgubbar vann. I den riktiga världen börjar det närma sig jul och det är bara att erkänna att jag redan handlat alldeles för mycket julklappar. Ändå känns det som att det går att köpa några till. Lämnade även en önskelista till min mamma. Från början var det ”bara” två saker men förvandlades till ett trettio minuters samtal om att tallrikarna jag kanske jätte-eventuellt ville ha skulle vara max 23 cm breda och att det skulle vara trevligt med en ny potatisskalare. Jag har även börjat planera julbaket, det är lite sent eftersom jag detta år kommer fira redan den 19:e december. Två veckor kvar. Hej stress!

Pajskal med smak av apelsin: (ogillar man apelsin går det självklart att utesluta)

  • 200 g mjöl
  • 50 g florsocker
  • Nypa salt
  • 125 g kallt smör
  • 2 äggulor
  • 1 msk grädde (worst case scenario: creme fraiche)
  • Skal av en apelsin

Använd matberedare. Skär smöret i kuber och kör det i matberedaren tills det löst upp sig. Blanda ned allt utom mjölet. Pulsa ett par gånger och sist pulsa ned mjölet, pulsa tills en deg bildas. Eftersom degen är så krämig, plasta in den och lägg in den i kylskåpet, räkna med 2 timmar innan den är tillräckligt utvilad och bakvänlig. Baka ut på mjölat bakbord, antingen gör du som jag, flera minipajer eller en stor. Beroende på hur tuff man är när man bakar ut degen ska kan den räcka till 8 småpajer, för mig räckte den till 5, vet inte vad det var för mirakelmänniska som fick ut 8. Hacka degen med en gaffel ett par gånger så att botten i pajen inte reser sig. Grädda i mitten av ugnen 200c i 20 min. Det är inte olagligt att ta ut den efter 18 minuter om de börjar bli lite väl solkyssta på kanterna. Låt dem svalna.


  • Fett mycket jordgubbar / hallon (typ 500 gram)
  • 200 g vit choklad (originalreceptet säger 300 gram men jag ville inte ha fyllningen så hård)
  • 25 g honung (gissar att de är runt 1-2 msk)
  • 1½ dl vispgrädde

Hacka alla jordgubbar i mindre bitar, dvs de som du inte tänker använda till att dekorera pajerna med. Hacka den vita chokladen i små bitar och häll ned i en skål. Koka upp vispgrädden och honungen. Häll ned vispgrädden i tre omgångar över chokladen och rör om så att chokladen löser upp sig. Vispa med elvisp tills det blir som en fluffig smet.

Fyll pajskalen med de hackade jordgubbarna, häll på den vita chokladkrämen och ställ in i kylskåpet och låt kylas ett par timmar. Dekorera med resterande jordgubbar.

Ferrero Rocher kakor

ferrero01Det är dags igen för att använda Ferreo Rocher som inspiration. Min mormor älskade dem och hon dog 2001. Med andra ord är det inte direkt något nytt godis! Nutella i ett tunt lager av kex doppat i choklad och hasselnötter. De är svindyra men har man tur kan de hittas lite billigare runt jul och åker jag utomlands inhandlas alltid en box i taxfree. Jag gillar hasselnötter och choklad (vem gör inte det?) och eftersom jag inte är ensam om detta finns det en oändlig mängd recept att välja bland. Detta stack ut eftersom de inte innehåller själva Ferreo Rocher godiset men ändå påminner om lyxbollarna.

  • ¼ cup florsocker
  • ¼ cup olja
  • 1 – 2 msk mjölk
  • ½ cup+2 msk mjöl
  • 1½ msk kakao
  • Nypa salt
  • 50-75 g 70%-ig choklad
  • ~100 rostade hasselnötter (recept här) Det går att köra med orostade men rostade är godare.
  • Några matskedar Nutella
  • Hela hasselnötter att dekorera kakorna

Blanda socker, olja och mjölk i en bunke, blanda tills det blir krämigt. I en annan, större bunke sikta ned mjölet och kakaon och salt. Häll i mjölkblandningen. Rör om tills deg bildas. Degen ska vara så kompakt att den inte smular eller faller isär. Gör en kaka med ungefärlig storlek som två teskedar. Tryck ett hål (som en krater) i mitten av kakan (det är där du på slutet ska fylla med nutella). Det gör inget om kakan spricker när du gör urgröpningen men den ska inte gå sönder, det betyder att degen är för torr och behöver mer mjölk. Blanda i så fall ned lite och pröva igen. Låt degen vila i kylskåpet i ca 30 minuter. Sätt på ugnen på 175 grader. Baka dem i ~9 minuter i övre halvan av ugnen. Ta ut kakorna ur ugnen och låt dem kylas ned till rumstemperatur. Smält chokladen i en skål och hacka nötterna i mindre bitar. Doppa varje kaka i chokladen och täck med nötterna. Fyll hålet med nutella och dekorera med en hasselnöt.

Originalrecept här.