AC Milan bakeproject 2017/2018

I guess I should do some explanation about this (MAD CRAZY) project. Aim is to get the cake in the colour of the team that is playing at home but will probably not always be the case. So if Milan is playing at San Siro (home) it should be a black and red inspired dessert. If Milan is playing away against lets say Napoli it should be heavensblue. If you find this intriguing check out first round i did this and second round.

Crotone – Milan 0-3. Ok.. so first game of the season. Nervous and all that. After 23 mins Milan had scored 3 times and for the first time in years it felt like Milan would actully win this without falling apart or beeing freaked out until the end. The ”fresh” fruit to this pastry was pulled out from the freezer about 45 mins before kickoff and also I didnt had any raspberries for the red so only blue got to represent. SHAME ON ME. Puffpastry magic with blackberries.

Milan – Cagliari 2-1. Black & red vs blue & red. A brownie with raspberries and maltesers for Milan, Cagliari got represented with the plate and background haha. The maltesers look like small bubbles and yes you need a magnifyingglass but they are there and making it crunchy and yummy! About the game? Cutrone scored again! And in a weak moment I almost promised to bake him a special cake. Not sure what it will be if it actully will be anything…Lazio – Milan 4-1. Wow.. That was bad. Nothing positive to say about this game at all so lets talk about these amazing mint marshmallows instead. Soft, tasty and chewie.

Milan – Udinese 2-1. In this trifle I tried to incorporate both Milan’s colours of red/black and also Udinese’s black/white. The day before the game was all about the player Conti toring his ACL (knee-injury) and the medicalteam’s prediction of about 6 months before recovery. So sad!

Milan – SPAL 2-0. Tornadocookies in blue and ”white” for SPAL and magic sprinkles in red and black.

Sampdoria – Milan 2-0. Nutella springrolls.

Milan – Roma 0-2 .. Meh! The cake didnt come out as i planned. Its supposed to be equal chocolate and raspberry but it was more 75% 25% haha. Also insane colours. Well there is always next year.

Inter – Milan 3-2 Derby della Madonnina. Its such a special game so it requires something extra. I did the same type of cake like 3 years ago but then with different colours. Not gonna give Inter any chanses with my cakes anymore! Since it’s so amazing and I love it so much there will be 2 pics of it. Deal with it!

Milan – Genoa 0-0. So much talk about the coach. Needed something sweet and meringues never fail.

Chievo – Milan. Autumn is here. Cant you tell Ive got news for you? Sun is shining and so are you! Chievo, the first of two ”swede-teams” in Serie A. Swede-teams? Yes yellow and blue.

Milan – Juve 0-2 (Sssssssnakessssssss).. So carrotcake with raspberryfrosting. Not my best cake but still who can resist frosting?

Sassuolo – Milan. Mint chocolate and pear cheesecake. Made with cottage cheese. Finally a good use for that. Haha.

Napoli – Milan 2-1… Vegan matchablue* ice cream with raspberries… I wanna be open to new things but vegan sweets has so far in my life been proven to be disgusting. I have bigger hopes for the game then for the life of my ice cream.  *matchablue is a type of japanese tea that is blue.

Milan – Torino 0-0. Cherrypie with chocolatecrust. I was a little busy on the phone forgetting the pie in the oven to long but it was greeeeeat. Game? not so much.

Benevento – Milan 2-2. The biggest meh of the season. Beneventos record before this game was 14 losses. Milan had a new coach … But the cake was amazing! Saffroncake with white chocolate and lingonberries.

Milan – Bologna. Cant help but think BOLONY everytime I hear Bologna. Or that Shakira song (Hips dont lie) and she or is it that sings ”move to Bologna” anyway.. here are some spritscookies.

Hell(as) Verona – AC Milan 3-0. Pie was great. But the meltdown for milan was another not so fun story. Lemon curd on the other hand now that is a lovestory that hopefully will never end.

Milan – Atalanta 0-2. I always dread these blue teams but for once i had a great idea. Hombrecake in four shades of blue. Milan thou seems to be in 50 shades of black. Rise guys! I know you can do it!

Fiorentina – Milan 1-1. Previous seasons Milan have faced La viola ive had my favoritepie prepared. But this time I wanted to do something different so heres some blackberry icecream.

Milan – Crotone 1-0.  Blueberry bagels with red currants. Epically great breakfast!

Cagliari – Milan 1-2. Made ice cream with my daugther but to have it on the internet it needs to be photographed and uploaded riiight? *too tired atm*

Milan – Lazio 2-1 …. nothing 🙁

Udinese – Milan 1-1. Homebaked white bread (white bread is best someone who argues against that is stupid) and homemade blueberryjam. Milan had som bad luck but luckily there is more games to come where they can prove they are moving forward!

Spal – Milan 0-4. Nothing baked because I painted my livingroom.

Milan – Sampdoria 1-0. (blueberry cake pic need to be uploaded)

Roma – Milan 0-2. Might be the ugliest cakes Ive ever done. This is according to IKEA proper wolves. Also since I didnt like them I couldn’t even bother to shoot them the way they probably could’ve deserved if I’d care. Both of them died drying on the table… Dreadful.

Genoa – Milan 0-1. Chocolatebark. White chocolate with blueberries and raspberries.

Milan – Chievo 3-2. Couldn’t afford blueberries so I went with yellow to represent Chievo Verona. Apple-extravaganza-pie, two kinds of apples and applecider mixed together with lots of love. A true lovepie, just as relatable as Romeo and Juliet.

Juventus – Milan 3-1. Kärleksmums. A swedish cake that also have the name coffecake. Browniecake with espresso-tasting frosting. Best ever and easy to make!

Milan – Inter 0-0. I had finished the Milancake and was about to make the intercake and took a twitterbreak and got the news of Davide Astori’s death. The world just stopped. Such sad news.

Milan – Sassuolo 1-1. I think I’ve baked this pie every season since I started with this project. Just like that blueberrypie for Fiorentina. Some baked goods are just too good to be left behind. Pears with hazelnuts and vanillamascarpone.

Milan – Napoli 0-0. I had the blueberries but couldn’t afford raspberries so Napoli got all the representation for this. Donnarumma is playing his 100th serie A game. How amazing isnt that?

Torino – Milan 1-1. Yeah well nothing.

Milan – Benevento 0-1. …. I had plans but nah!

Bologna – Milan 1-2 … Fail again!

Milan – Verona 4-1. After a lot of games where the word FAIL has been used kinda frequently Milan finally got it together and won! Amazing feeling!

Atalanta – Milan 1-1. So goddam close! I really thought Milan would win.. and then in like the final second they scored. BAH! …. At least I had a great cake. Its called Battenberg. Aparantly its supposed to be marzipan but blaaaah so drenched in chocolateganache.

Milan – Fiorentina 5-1. Last game of the season and I was for a long period thinking of baking something 13-inspired because of Davide Astori but couldnt find anything that felt cool enough.


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