AC Milan bakeproject 2018/2019

New season. Same rules as last couple of billion years. If Milan play at home the colors of inspiration is black and red. If they play away its their adversary that deciedes colour, for instance Napoli at Neapel means a heavensblue inspired goodie.

Milan – Chievo Verona 3-1. Mudcake with lingonberries. Higuin scored twice and happy faces all around.

Sassuolo – Milan 1-4. Apples! Normally Sassuolo get baked goods with pears but them green apples claimed the victory this time. This was one of my first time baking brioche-buns, 7 eggs and like half a ton of butter for 26 buns but hell yeah it was worth it.

Milan – Atalanta 2-2, Empoli – Milan 1-1. I was occupied visiting Amsterdam and thankfully both Empoli and Atalanta are playing with blue shirts so I could smack them both together in this delish Nutella cheesecake with blueberries.

Cagliari – Milan 1-1. First time ever a drink in the blog and probably not the last. This magic drink isa matcha tea and some drops of lemon. If you follow me on Instagram you can see a movie of me mixing it. All drama, no music but deep and meaningful content. No shake and stir – just pouring.

Milan – Roma 2-1. I think my neighbours 5 houses away heard me yell when Cutrone scored in the 95’th minute with Milan’s winning goal. To this magnificent occasion I baked an orangechocolatefudge-flavored pie with seasalt and lingonberries.  Orangechocoalatefudge, is that even a word?

Napoli – Milan 3-2. So Napoli is the team that start this madness this season. Dont wanna say anything about the game. Gingerbread muffins with lingonberries and blue matcha frosting.

Forever FORZA MILAN!!!


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