AC Milan 15/16

First half of the season /and some occasional 2nd half pastries and cookies (and that one player that got away..)

1519PSampdoria – Milan. I havn’t been able to afford any keeewl cakes for some time and for this I blew all the budget. Its time for Mr Ferrero, the owner of Sampdoria. The inspiration coming from him and my grandma. I gave her a slice of this type of cake on her deathbed (freaky.. I knoow!) and she was very grateful since it was her favorite. Just to be clear, she didnt die because of my cake! Gonna be exciting seeing what Brocchi can bring to the table.

1006PRoma – Milan 1-1. Team orange! Always inspiring with the ugliest colour. Or not. But I must admit I really liked the ”Two Towers” I baked last year and I wanted to achieve something cool since this was the last game of the bakingproject. Sucks big time, economics hits hard on cakebakers. Buuuut since the season continues I might come back and finish! Hope you have enjoy’d it as much as I have.

0993PPMilan – Bologna 0-1. Sad with a loss but no one is angry with pancakes? right? How about poffertjefs? The dutch miniversions. The hardest part is actully not to eat them while making them. Lets move forward to next week! Forza!!

9995PP 0043PMilan – Hellas Verona 1-1 and Frosinone – Milan 2-4. Both of the teams got the same colours, yeallow and blue, so they got the same type of cake but with different braiding. Saffron with blueberry.

jordgubbspajerCarpi – Milan 0-0. Red and white. The struggle was between raspberries and strawberries. Strawberries won. Very tasty minipies calls for great victory (please?!)

ferrero01Milan – Sampdoria 4-1. Still the most crazy (in a good way) owner in Serie A and the inspiration for this week. Mr Ferrero. Ferrero Rocher is still and probably forever will be a favorite candy of mine. I hope the game will be as sweet. So cookies are made of chocolate, nutella and hazelnuts.

9279PJuventus – Milan 1-0. I guess it should be some more epic cake but all I could think of were these. Coconut macroons dipped in chocolate with fudge(?).

9031PMilan – Atalanta 0-0 … Black and blue. A lot of the pre-game talk was about Bonaventura that played for Atalanta before joining Milan. I must admit that before him I couldn’t mention a single player or leader from Atalanta but one, a swede, what else? Glen Strömberg. For you youngsters out there he played like a million years for Atalanta (1984-1992) and was part of IFK Göteborg (swedish team) when they won the UEFA cup 1982. The last part Im forever and ever and ever and ever greatful.

8950PLazio – Milan 1-3. I dont really have anything against Lazio, unless they win of course (which they didnt). I just dont have any other cookieshapes then the piggies. No one can be more happy then me that this was the last lightblue team of the season.

7748PMilan – Chievo 1-0. GO SWEDEN!!! Ehum.. wait a minute!

Elshaarawy23Yeah I know, wrong team and all that but I miss him – Stephan El Shaarawy. 🙁 So anyways its october 27th and its his 23:rd birthday and there is never an excuse not to have cake so he had to get one. Happy birthday Stephan! 🙂

7584_GPMilan – Sassuolo 2-1 …. *sob* …. *sob* ……. This was supposed to be a pearpie. Poached pears in a creamy mascarpone-merengue cream but you know.. it didnt happen. What did happen was that Milan manage to win!

rasporangmeringeTorino – Milan 1-1. Feels like it was forever since last game because of the national qualification games. Sweden are heading for playoffs. Gotta admit Im nervous. I really wish for Zlatan to have at least one more of the big tournaments before he quits. Can’t say Torino as team bring as much inspiration as he does so I re-used the same idea from last year’s cake, although I added some raspberries to bring some sweetness.

7269_GPMilan – Napoli – 0-4 .. October 4th (the date this game was played) is celebrated in Sweden as ”Kanelbullens dag” or Cinnamonroll day. Thank heaven for that. I didnt have to make anything lightblue. The rolls however are filled with blueberries and raspberries, brushed with raspberry syrup to somehow get the Milan feeling.

redvelvetGenoa – Milan 1-0. Bad. Not sure what to add gamewise. Cookie-wise it was waaaay better. Red velvet brownies with oreocookies with a white chocolate and blueberry topping. The idea of blueberries and red velvet was of course the colours of Genoa but it came out looking more red and black. Even the cookies know the true colours.

6662_GPUdinese – Milan (2-3). First black and white of the season. I know early what to bake, budapestrulle. Mario Balotelli scored a goal. A collegue of mine said he would be top scorer and if he continue playing like he did at this game maybe it will come true. Good luck Mario! The cake ended up good but I cant stop thinking how great it would’ve been if I had remembered to put sugar in it. xD

5818_GP02Milan – Palermo (3-2). Pink! How can I not love this team? Ended up with macaroons with raspberries and the best and probably most dangerous ingredient to have at home – nutella. Except for the sweet sweet taste of winning it was great to see Hiljemark one of the Swedish U21 winners score twice. But I must admit, if Milan would’ve lost because of it, I wouldn’t be too happy. Haha.

5420_G3PInter – Milan (1-0). Why stray from a great concept? This time I did the nobake pie with dark chocolate. Milan played well but didnt manage to score. Some of my eaters said at least the cake was the best they had ever eaten. Sweeeeet.

5326_GMilan – Empoli (2-1). Something blue and something white for Empoli, red for Milan of course. Ended up with a great tasting nobake white chocolate ganache cake with blueberries and raspberries. If it felt good to see Milan win, it was even better having a delicious cake.

fiorentinaNew season. New players. New choach. New cakes.. First game Fiorentina – Milan (2-0). I had been waiting for this baby for a looooooong time. Bex Best Blueberrypie™ haha. Didnt go too well for Milan but its a long season and Im hoping it will be a good one!